Away Ticket Transfer

Important Information
As part of our continued efforts to improve the ticketing experience for our supporters and to ensure all tickets are used by genuine Arsenal supporters, we are pleased to announce a new Away Ticket Transfer service.

Who Can Use Away Ticket Transfer
Away Ticket Transfer allows eligible away ticket holders to transfer their ticket for an away game they cannot attend.

Away tickets can either be transferred to a "Qualifying Supporter", who holds the relevant number of loyalty points to be eligible purchase a ticket for the away fixture, or a "Designated Recipient" who has been nominated by the ticket holder.

Supporters can access the Away Ticket Transfer request form click here.

Eligible supporters should note that accessing this service is different from how they use their Online Box Office account for the home Ticket Transfer and Ticket Exchange facilities.

For all information regarding Away Ticket Transfer please click here.

Away Ticket Sanction Policy
The new Away Ticket Transfer process provides a legitimate way for supporters who can no longer attend to transfer their ticket to another supporter and any supporter who cannot attend the game after purchasing a ticket is encouraged to use this Transfer facility.

As per our Away Ticket Terms and Conditions, Any supporter who breaches these terms by failing to collect their ticket when requested to do so may be subject to the below sanctions. These sanctions will also be enforced if someone other than the intended recipient attempts to collect the ticket:

- First strike: Lose 1 away loyalty point
- Second strike: Lose 10 away loyalty points
- Third strike: Lose all away loyalty points